Movies 2014

1 – Wolf of Wall Street 19/2
2 – Robocop 18/2
3 – Non Stop 21/3
4 – Capt America (IMAX) 28/3
5 – Spiderman 2
6 – Transcendence
7 – Godzilla (IMAX)
8 – X-Men (IMAX) (Vue)
9/10 – Edge of Tomorrow (IMAX) (Vue)
11 – Transformers (IMAX)
12/13 – Guardians of the Galaxy (IMAX) 31/7 (Vue) 8/8
14 – Lucy (IMAX) 26/8
15 – The Hunger Games 3/12
16 – Interstellar 12/11
17 – The Imitation Game
18 – Terminator 1
19 – Terminator 2
20 – Ghostbusters 29/10
21 – 2001 Space Odyssey 6/12

Movies 2014

[Home] – Watch at home/When released on Blu-Ray
RED – Missed at Cinema


  • American Hustle – 1/1
  • 12 Years a Slave – 10/1 [Home]
  • The Railway Man – 10/1 [Home]
  • The Wolf of Wall Street – 17/1 — Rating 9/10 – Funny as hell [Seen 19/2]
  • Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit – 24/1
  • I, Frankenstein – 29/1 [Home]
  • Lone Survivor – 31/1
  • Out of the Furnace – 31/1 [Home]


  • After the World Ended – 4/2 [Home]
  • Robocop – 7/2 — Rating 7/10 – Great movie, ending a little flat [Seem 18/2]
  • The Lego Movie – 14/2
  • The Last Scout – 21/2
  • The Monuments Men – 21/2
  • Stalingrad – 21/2
  • Non-Stop – 28/2 — 7/10 – Nice idea, however falls a little flat in the middle.  Still quite a tense movie.  Annoyed by all the clichés though [Seen 21/3]


  • 300: Rise of an Empire – 7/3 [Home]
  • Nymphomaniac- 7/3 [Home]
  • Need for Speed – 14/3 [Home?]
  • The Zero Theorem – 14/3
  • Under the Skin – 14/3
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 28/3 (IMAX) — 10/10 – Another amazing release from Marvel [Seen 30/3]
  • Muppets Most Wanted – 28/3


  • Survivors – 2/4 [Home]
  • Divergent – 4/4
  • The Amazing Spiderman 2 – 18/4 (IMAX)
  • Sabotage – 25/4
  • Transcendence – 25/4


  • 51 Degrees – 9/5
  • Godzilla – 16/5 (IMAX)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past – 22/5 (IMAX)
  • Soldiers of the Damned – 27/5 [Home]
  • Edge of Tomorrow – 30/5 (IMAX)


  • 22 Jump Street – 6/6
  • C.O.O.L.I.O Time Travel Gangster – 30/6 [Home]


  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 – 4/7
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction – 10/7 (IMAX)
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – 17/7
  • Jupiter Ascending – 25/7
  • Fast & Furious 7 – 25/7


  • Guardians of the Galaxy – 1/8
  • The Inbetweeners Movie 2 – 6/8 [Home]
  • The Expendables 3 – 15/8
  • Lucy – 22/8 [First Trailer]
  • Sin City: A Dame to Die For – 29/8 (IMAX)


  • TBD


  • Broken Nation – 10/10
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 17/10
  • The Maze Runner – 24/10


  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – 21/11
  • Interseller – ???


  • TBD


Meenova mini micro SD card reader

Works amazing! Plugged in a mSD into it and straight into the USB port on my nexus. Stickmount detected and loaded the card to be read in es explorer.

Currently only tried with a 32gb stick but the box says it it supports up to 64gb. It will also work better with other models (HTC one for example) since for some reason Google remove mount for some reason. But you can either root a d use stickmount or use the nexus media loader.

Over all extremely impressed!

Cancelations/Renewals – 2013/2014 TV Season


Lucky 7 – 2 episodes in and scrubbed
We are men – also 2 episodes in and scrubbed.  Shame this was pretty funny [source]
Welcome to the Family  – 3 episodes in, and one of the better ones [source]
Ironside – 4 episodes in. Was ok, could have been better [source]
Sean Saves the World- Production stopped 2 episodes yet to air [source]
The Michael J Fox Show [source]
Back in the Game [Source]
Raising Hope [Source]
Mind Games [Source]
Killer Women
The Assets
Almost Human [Source]
Dads [Source]
Trophy Wife [Source]
The Carrie Diary’s
The Tomorrow People
Star Crossed



Sleepy Hollow – Confirmed there will be a season 2
Archer (2 Seasons renewal 6 &7) [Source]
The Mindy Project
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
New Girl
The Following [Source]
Bobs Burgers
The Simpsons [Source]
The Big Bang Theory – 3 Season renewal! [Source]
The Blacklist [Source]
American Dad (Moving from FOX to TBS for 2014 season) [Source]
The Good Wife [Source]
Blue Bloods [Source]
Hawaii Five-0 [Source]
Elementary [Source]
Person of Interest [Source]
CSI [Source]
Mom [Source]
Mike and Molly [Source]
Two and a half Men [Source]
NCIS: LA [Source]
NCIS [Source]
Criminal Minds [Source]
2 Broke Girls [Source]
The Millers [Source]
The Originals
Vampire Diaries
Homeland [Source]
Law & Order: SVU
Parks and Rec [Source]
Scandal [Source]
Grey’s Anatomy [Source]
Revenge [Source]
Resurrection [Source]
Once Upon a Time [Source]
Castle [Source]
Modern Family [Source]
The Goldbergs [Source]
The Middle [Source]
Marvel’s Agents of Shield [Source]
Beauty and the Beast
The 100
Hart of Dixie


On the Bubble

The Crazy Ones
The Mentalist
Beauty and the Beast
The Carrie Diaries
The Tomorrow People
Trophy Wife

** Updated when new information is released **

Spikes Guide to eCigs

 Quick guide

You will need:

  • Cartomizer
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • e-liquid

You can get the top three in a kit from eBay here.
You can get the juice from here.

Now for me to geek out  🙂

pl1595511-1100mah_e_shisha_ego_ce4_electronic_cigarette_14mm_with_usb_chargerWhat I use is the EGO-W which allows you to refill with different flavours and strengths of e liquids.  You can get these in a variety of colours.

The top part is called a Clearomizer and then you have the battery.  This can come in a range of sizes but you will see listings saying compatible with Ego, Ego-T, Ego-C and Ego-W these should all be compatible with each other.  This is mainly down to the thread (510) that you use to screw the clearomizer to the battery.

You can pick up kits on ebay that contain a charger, battery and Clearomizer which is what you need to start.  There are plenty on eBay, prices seem to be going up due to the popularity, they once was £5 but now seem to have increased to £10.   Use the link below and you should find a kit that contains the e shisha and charger to get started.

eBay search for E Shisha

eBay searches you can use: E Cig, E Cigarette, E Shisha, E Hooka,Ego, Ego-T, Ego-C, Ego-W

Personally I would recommend buying two so you have complete spare of everything.   Some of the batteries you get are cheap chinese ones which can fail annoyingly but a Paypal claim will get you a refund or a replacement quickly.

The Fluid, eLiquid

I get mine from a UK store here: Go4Smoke E Liquid.  They are pretty good for the fluid, lots of flavours and a good price.  I would advised using recorded delivery as I have had some go missing when it was not recorded, however when I called they resent out the order free of charge.


For the strength I found that approx 15 cigarettes a day I found that 18mg or 22mg nicotine content worked best for me, the 11mg did not cut it.

8-10 cigarettes – 11mg
15 cigarettes – 18mg
15+ cigarettes – 22mg

The mix

I also use the 50/50 mix.  Tried the 70VG/30PG mix and it did not taste or feel right and I’m assuming the 30vg/70PG would just be too harsh and leave you with a sore throat.   Again experiment to see what you like.  There is a guide here: E Liquid Guide

E Liquid Roundup

You should just purchase a 10ml bottle at first to see if you like the flavour and that you have got the strength/mix right.  This should last you a couple of weeks.  A 30ml bottle has so far lasted me 7 weeks and cost me £10.  I’m looking to get a couple of months out of it which works out pretty cheap.

Store: Go4Smoke E Liquid

Filling and using


Clearomizers are the most common one, though Atomizers are meant to give better flavour I’m yet to try one and will update this when I do.

Different Clearomizers

CE4 – 1.6ml, long or short wick 
CE5 – 1.6ml, invisible wick
CE6 –  1.6ml, long or short wick, separable (rechargeable atomizer core, atomizer foundation, atomizer tube)
CE7 – 2.4ml, long or short wick
CE8 – 2.4ml, invisible wick
CE9 – 2.4ml, long or short wick, separable (rechargeable atomizer core, atomizer foundation, atomizer tube)

Differences between CE4 and CE5 Cartomizers

Filling the clearomizer

To fill up the Clearomizer, you just unscrew the tip and tilt the clearomizer.  Make sure you get no fluid down the center (air tube), you want it to run down the sizes otherwise you can fudge it up.  Some people may find it easier using a blunt needle.  Here is a video showing how to fill it:


I would recommend a Clearomizer for each flavour, and having some spare as they last approx 1 month depending on usage.  You will notice it will start tasting burnt and nasty which is when you change it.  I keep a couple of these as a backups.  I’ve have yet to try cleaning, I’m going to try this to see if I can prolong the life of the clearomizer.  Below is a video showing how to do this.



Various ones exist as well as different colours.  Higher the mA the longer it lasts, however the bigger it is.  I like the 650mA ones as they are a lot smaller.  I find the 900mA one too big and looks like a rocket!  You can also get ones with a LCD on them which gives you an indication of how many presses you have done.  You can also open them up and replace the inner battery as well if you wish, but you will need special tools to do so.  Video tutorials are available on Youtube.

When charging do not use a tablet charger, these will damage the battery.  You could also damage the battery using a phone charger, but I’m using my HTC 1A charger which seems to do fine.  You can also use your USB on your computer.  Don’t leave unattended while charging, I do not trust Chinese built products 🙂

TV Shows – 2013/2014 Season

List of shows I like the look of for the new season, how many will last even half a season I don’t know….


Top Picks

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. –
Almost Human –
Gang Related –
Intelligence –
Sleepy Hollow –   (Like the movie)
Ironside –
The Blacklist – (Hanibal-ish)
The Tomorrow People – (EPIC!)

The rest

Hostages –
The Originals – (Vampires…)
Rake –


Mind Games –
Resurection –  (Not too sure)
Lucky 7 ––G0e34 (Not too sure…)
Regin – (Game of thronesy set in UK?)
Star-Crossed – (Twighlight with Aliens)
Believe –


Top Picks

The crazy ones – (Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Geller!!??!!)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine –

Super Fun Night –
Dads – (Seth McFarlene!)
Enlisted –
Surviving Jack –
The Michael J. Fox –
Sean saves the world –
Welcome to the Family –
Mixology – 

The Rest

The Goldbergs –
Back in the game –
Trophy Wife –
The Millers –
Mom –
We are Men –
Undateable –


Movies at the cinema 2013

  1. Jack Reacher – 23/1
  2. Oz the Great and Powerful – 19/3
  3. The Host – 9/4
  4. Oblivion – 23/4
  5. Ironman 3 – 30/4
  6. Star Trek: Into Darkness (IMAX) –  12/5
  7. Fast and Furious 6 – 21/5?
  8. Despicable me 2 – 2/7
  9. Now You See Me – 9/7
  10. Pacific Rim (IMAX) – 12/7
  11. World War Z – 16/7
  12. The Worlds End – 23/7
  13. Monsters University – 30/7
  14. Red 2 – 7/8
  15. We’re the Millers – 19/8
  16. Kick Ass 2 – Out Now – 20/8
  17. Jurassic Park 3D (IMAX) 3/9
  18. Elysium – 10/9
  19. Rush – 25/09
  20. Thor – Dark World – 30/10
  21. Gravity (IMAX) – 12/11
  22. Hunger Games : Catching Fire -4/12

Want to see!

Anchor Man 2 – Dec 2013

Missed movies

The Wolverine – Out Now (Gonna miss it in cinema)
Heat – Out Now
R.I.P.D – Out Now
2 Guns – Aug 2013
Riddick -4th Sept 2013
The Call – 20th Sept 2013
Turbo: 3D – 18th Oct 2013
Machete Kills – Oct 2013
Enders Game – 1st Nov 2013

TV shows Renewed/Canceled 2012/2013 Season


Go On
Happy Endings
Rules of Engagement
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23
Last Resort
How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life
Family Tools (Show sucked anyway)
Ben and Kate
Guys with Kids


Modern Family
The Big Bang Theory
Person of Interest
2 Broke Girls
Nikita (but season cut)
American Dad
Bobs Burgers
Family Guy
Glee (5 and 6 confirmed)
New Girl
Simpsons (2 more seasons confirmed)
The following
The Mindy Project
Parks and Rec
How I met your Mother (renewed for final season)

Sourced –

New TV Season! 2012-2013

So it’s September and it’s the new TV Season is about to kick off…  and lack of life is about to begin!

So far I have chosen some new shows:

  • The Goodwin Games … Not too sure about this one… Will watch a few and see
  • Revolution   … (Still expect NB  to cancel this…)
  • Hunted  … (This looks awesome!)
  • The Mob Doctor
  • The Following
  • The Smart One … Again not sure about this either
  • 666 Park Avenue
  • Nashville … (Will see if this is anything different to Glee/Smash… Hopefully it is not a bad copy)
  • Zero Hour …  (2013 Mid Season?)
  • Last Resort   … (Interesting plot… Will look forward to see how this develops)
  • How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your life)  (2013 Mid Season)
  • Mistresses… Also not sure about this either
  • Red Widow (2013 Mid Season?)
  • Family Tools
  • Next Caller
  • Infamous
  • Do No Harm …  (Not too sure whether I will like this, sounds a bit like Dexter)
  • Guys With Kids  … (Jimmy Fallon has co produced this so looking forward to this)
  • Go On  … (Will see but its great to see Matthew Perry doing something other than Friends)

So a lot to go on and a lot to look forward too… Looking forward to the final Season of Fringe, though very gutted that it is finishing.

Also looking forward to seeing Castle and what they will do with the main characters this season after the finale, will they still be an item, will they go back to the Police force again or will they start their own Private Detective agency or even start working with the FBI?)